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CMB-22 Multi-Bowl Wellhead Assembly for High Pressure Wellhead Control API 6A Monogrammed


The CMB‐22 multi‐bowl wellhead system is designed to decrease the time and cost associated with surface drilling and production by containing multiple strings of casing suspended within one wellhead.
Because installing and removing the blow‐out‐preventer (BOP) stack is a time consuming procedure necessary whenever a conventional head or spool is added during operations, the CMB‐22 multi‐bowl decreases the number of times the BOP connection is broken, which reduces downtime or non‐productive time (NPT).


The CMB‐22 multi‐bowl wellhead assembly is a full‐bore design. The lower casing hanger is fluted to allow ample bypass for circulating mud and cement. The seal assembly, which lands on the flutes, also acts as a support for the upper hanger.
A wide choice of tubing hanger designs is available for various service conditions.
Being able to suspend multiple strings within one wellhead decreases the size, making
it a preferred solution where there are concerns about limited space and time.
VigorPetro provides a wide range of multi‐bowl systems for the most common or challenging applications

Design Features
•Ability to suspend multiple strings of casing or tubing within one wellhead system
•Lower casing hanger is fluted to allow ample bypass for circulating mud and cement
•Conductor hanger seals may be reenergized, if necessary
•Conductor hanger may be tested externally once landed
•Surface casing hanger may be landed prior to cementing, eliminating the need to reciprocate
•Annular seal for surface casing hanger may be reenergized, if necessary
•All running/retrieving tools run on casing
•Emergency suspension systems are available for the hangers
•No welding required Benefits
•Faster and safer than many conventional surface wellhead systems
•Comprehensive product line offering “off the shelf” or customized solutions
•Reliability and performance in major oil and gas locations and conditions
•Proven technology over three decades of use
•Surface oil and gas drilling
•Sizes/Availability:13-5/8” 5K, 13-5/8” 10K, 11” 5K, 11” 10K
Other sizes available on request.

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