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API 6A Casing Hanger with Slip Type and mandrel type for Wellhead Component Casing Head


Casing hanger manufactured by VigorPetro can be used safely in vari ous oil production field. There are two kinds of casing hangers, slip type hanger and mandrel type hanger. Slip type hanger can be categorized in to WD type, C-21P type, C-22 type, C-29 type. Our casing hanger can be designed and manufactured in accordance with requirements of customers and practical conditions.


C-21P Type Slip Casing Hanger


Its parts can be separated and rubber seal can be manually actuated. With “H” type packer sealing ring, the casing can be sealed safely no matter in hanging condition or in cutting condition. It is applied to surface
casing or casing used to assist cementing slurry return to surface. It is applicable for various casing procedure.


C-22 Type Slip Casing Hanger


It is an annular hanger comprising of packer sealing ring, slip and support bowl, of which all parts can be
separated. When the casing is hanged, packer sealing ring under slip can seal the casing automatically under the effect of gravity of casing string, in this way, the casing deviation can be reduced by controlling friction, which is easy to mount and cost-saving.


C-29 Type Slip Casing Hanger


Compared with common hanger, it possesses better bearing capacity and little deviation in casing. When the top slip slid down and exert pressure on packer sealing ring, the slip under hanger can Automatically engage and control the amount of compression. As the slip under hanger cannot move randomly with the
movement of casing, it doesn’t have the same compression as large as the common tapered slip.


WD Type Slip Hanger


Surface casing can be clapped by manually stimulating the slip. It is applied to the bottom connections of casing head, which is applicable to various casings.



Product Name: Casing Hanger

Hanger Type: Slip-Type, mandrel Type, WD Slip Type, G Slip Type, WE Slip Type etc.

Model: C21, C22, C29, etc

Flange Size: 11" - 21-1/4"

Casing Size: 4-1/2" - 20"

Standards: API Spec 6A, NACE MR0175, ISO 9001, ISO14001, CE etc

Working Pressure: 2000PSI - 20000PSI

Material Class: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF

Temp Class: L, P, R, S, T, U, V, X

Performance Requirement: PR1, PR2

Product Specification Level: PSL1, PSL2, PSL3, PSL4

Applicable location: Various casing procedure tests

Design & Test Standard: API 6A, API Q1, ISO 9001


Casing hanger applicable Data Sheet:

vigorpetro casing hanger data sheet.jpg


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