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API 6A High Pressure Adjustable and Positive Choke Valve for Wellhead and Manifolds Operation.


The choke valve is the major component of Wellhead Christmas tree and Manifold, mainly used for controlling the production rate of an oil well from working pressure 2,000 psi to 20,000 psi. The choke valve can be classified as adjustable choke valve and positive choke valve. The adjustable choke valve is designed to adjust the effective area available, for the flow to control the production rate, through rotating the hand wheel. The positive choke valve is designed to control the production rate through changing flow beans.


These choke valves are available in different configurations as below:

• Positive or Fixed bean configuration

• Needle and Seat configuration - Typical H2 Style Adjustable Choke

• Cage and Plug type configuration

• External Sleeve Type configuration

• Angle Type configuration


                          H2 Style Adj Choke            Angle Choke Valve             Drilling Choke - Hydrualic Actuated

CAGE TYPE CHOKE VALVE_Vigorpetro.png               FIXED CHOKE VALVE TM_VIGORPETRO.png          ChokeBeans_VP.jpg

    Cage and Plug Type Choke        Positive / Fixed Choke              Choke Beans

                                                   External Sleeve



• Nominal diameter: 2.1/16” ~ 7.1/16”

• Max orifice:1"-3"

• Working pressure: 2000 PSI ~ 20000 PSI

• Working media: oil, natural gas, mud, Water, H2S, CO2

• Working temperature: PU, LU, KU, PX

• Material grades: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH

• Specification level: PLS1 ~ PSL4

• Performance level: PR1 ~ PR2

• End Connection: Flanged, Threaded, Hammer Union

• Standards: API Spec 6A, API 16C, NACE MR0175

• Application: Wellhead Christmas Tree, Choke and Kill Manifolds, High Pressure Pipelines etc.


• Integral and forged valve body with qualified mechanical properties

• Long life and low maintenance

• Body to bonnet contact behind the O-ring seal eliminates bonnet seal extrusion

• A locking device is set on stem

• Ideal for many flow regulating services and easily converted to a positive choke

• The stem of adjustable choke is made of high strength alloy steel. The material has the feature of abrasion resistance, erosion resistance and reliable serviceability

• The valve and seat can be removed by hand, without special tools and without removal of the valve body from the line, by simply removing the bonnet

• Drive has manual, hydraulic and gear transmission forms

• Connections have flange, thread and hub


Vigor Mework Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd - VigorPetro is a professional manufacturer of API 6A Wellhead Equipment, API6A Gate Valves, Chokes, Blowout Preventers(BOPs), Choke & Kill Manifolds, Flowline products, etc. Our Chokes include: Cameron H2 Style Adjustable and Positive Choke, Angle Choke Valve, External Sheeve Choke Valve, Cage and Plug Type Choke Valve and Hydraulic Actuated Drilling Chokes.


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