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API 6A Swing Type Check Valve for Production and Drilling 1-13/16" to 7-1/16" 2000psi to 20000psi


Check valves are used to prevent back flow in the line. The pressure of the fluid passing through a system opens the valve, while any reversal of flow will close the valve.

VIGORPETRO's Swing Type Check valve functions by allowing flow forces to move the closure element, it is a hinged clapper which swings or rotates around a supporting shaft.The disk swings away from the valve-seat to allow flow in the forward direction, and returns to the valve-seat when upstream flow is stopped, to prevent backflow. These valves produce the lowest pressure drop, when compared with other check valves of the same size, the internal contours and shapes allow them to fully open at low fluid velocities and create a smooth flow path through the valve.

MS CHECK VALVE  CHINA  VIGORPETRO.jpgSwingcheck valve vigorpetro_.COM.jpgVigorpetro Swing check valves_VIGORPETRO.jpg

Design Features:

♦ Center-of-gravity location of the disc and swing arm assembly designed in order to minimize pressure drop and suitable for vertical installation as standard: the valve will return to the closed position should flow become interrupted or reversed even with vertical installation (flow must be in an up-flow direction).

♦ Internal hinge pin design eliminates additional leakage points.

♦ High flow capacity port sizes and disc retraction to minimize flow velocities and maximize valve service life.

♦ Design of disc and hinge assembly to generate a closing moment to provide adequate closure and sealing at low pressures.

♦ Sealing surfaces are machined to the tightest tolerances and lowest roughness to ensure trouble free shut off and cycling.

♦ Low cracking pressure design.

♦ Swing check nut positively secured to prevent disassembly during service by permanent cold deformation of the closure member. No additional cotter pin or other small parts are used as locking system.

♦ Pressures up to 20,000 PSI for Various Sizes (1-1/13" to 7-1/16") 

♦ Internal parts are completely interchangeable with OEM

♦ A wide range of body and trim materials to meet various operatingconditions

♦ Especially designed for Production and drilling applications

♦ Low maintenace operation


Geneal Data Sheet:

Bore Size 1-13/16“ to 7-1/16“
Working Pressure 2,000psi, 3,000psi, 5,000Psi, 10,000psi, 15,000psi, 20,000psi
Temp. Class P-U, L-U, U, K-U, P-X
Material Class AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH
Service Standard Service, Sour Service
Standard API 6A, API Q1, ISO 9001

Vigor Mework Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd - VigorPetro is a professional manufacturer of API 6A Wellhead & Christmas Trees, API6A Gate Valves, API 6A Flanges, API 16A Blowout Preventers, API 16C Choke & Kill Manifolds etc. Aside from the Swing Type Check Valve, we also manufacture Type R Check Valve, Lift Type Check Valve, Piston Type Check Valve, MS Type Check Valve ,e.t.c, for all client needs.

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