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API 6A High Performance Bidirectional (Bi-Directional) Slab Gate Valve For Wellhead Drilling and Production

The Model SG-22 high-performance, bidirectional slab gate valve is ideal for high pressure, critical serice applications 2,000 through 20,000 psi on welleads, production trees and manifolds.

SG-22 Bi-Directional Manual Gate Valve VIgorPETRO9.png         SG-22 Bi-Directional Manual Gate Valve petroVIGOR.png               

Design Feture:
► Incorporates a non-rising stem to provide safe, dependable service in a variety of environments.
► The full-bore through conduit design maximizes the valve life and virtually eliminates turbulence and pressure drop across the valve.
► The slab gate creates a positive seal across the seats with the use of line pressure.
► One-piece seat provides a metal-to-metal seal against both the gate and the valve body without elastomeric seal backups.
► Threaded bearing cap allows for replacement of the bearings or the stem pin while the valve is under pressure.
► Self-energizing stem packing for minimal maintenance.
► Metal-to-metal stem backseat provides maximum safety in case of stem packing leak and allows for body pressure containment in the instance of packing leakage or body lubrication fitting damage.

One piece seat.png          mechanical backseat.png      pressure energized stem packing.png

                                                                       One-Piece Seat                   Pressure-Energized Stem Packing        Mechanical Backseat
► Standard Model SG-22 valve meets the requirements of the latest edition of API 6A.
► Materials for H2S service in accordance with NACE MR-01-75 latest edition.
► All testing is accordance with API 6A latest edition, Appendx F, Performance verifications PR-2, temperature class P thu X (-20°F to +350°F)
Cost Effective:
Simple design assures low cost.
Low-cost spare parts readily available.
Maintenance costs minimal with seats, gate assembly, stem packing  and other  working parts easily replaced.
Flanged or screwed outlets.
Reliable Performance:
Forged body and bonnet.
Low torqure operation.
Metal-to-Metal high pressure body/bonnet seal.
Metal-to-Metal seal seat/body and seat/gate.
No elastomers.
Metal-to-Metal backseat seal can be energized regardless of gate position.
One fitting in the bonnet above the backseat.
Gate guide retains body lubricants and protects gate surface.
Maual or actuated operation, compatibel with leading manufacturers' actuators.
Geneal Data Sheet:

Bore Size 1-13/16“ to 7-1/16“
Working Pressure 2,000psi, 3,000psi, 5,000Psi, 10,000psi, 15,000psi, 20,000psi
Temp. Class P-U, L-U, U, K-U, P-X
Material Class AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH
Service Standard Service, Sour Service
Standard API 6A, API Q1, ISO 9001

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