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Plug Valves-SPM/SMF and MSI Compantible

Author:  time:2015-05-15  Information Source:

It's good news that VigorPetro has developed successfully the API6A Plug Valves with both Top Loaded style and Bottom Loaded Style. The Top Loaded Style plug valves are compantible with SPM/FMC/SJ, and the Bottom Loaded Style Plug Valves are compatible with MSI/TSI.

Note: FMC/SPM or MSI/TSI are the trademark owned by the competitions. VigorPetro is not associate with those companies.

SPM Style Top Loaded.jpg

SPM/FMC/SJ Compatible Plug Valves 2" 1502 MXF, Top Loaded

MSI Type Bottom Loaded1.jpg

MSI Compatible Plug Valves 2" 1502 MXF, Bottom Loaded

Plug ValVE Manifolds.png

5 Valves Plug  Manifolds


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